Hi! I'm Marcelo Mattar, a postdoc working with Nathaniel Daw at Princeton and Máté Lengyel at Cambridge.
I use theoretical and experimental approaches to understand how we draw on past experiences to make predictions that guide our future decisions.


Visit my Google Scholar page for an updated list of publications, or my GitHub for code relevant to previous and current projects.

Submitted manuscripts

  • Effective learning is accompanied by increasingly efficient dimensionality of whole-brain responses (Under review)
    Evelyn Tang, Marcelo G Mattar, Chad Giusti, Sharon L Thompson-Schill, Danielle S Bassett

Published manuscripts

  • Individual differences in response precision correlate with adaptation bias (In Press)
    Marcelo G Mattar, Marie V Carter, Marc S Zebrowitz, Sharon L Thompson-Schill, and Geoffrey K Aguirre
    Journal of Vision

  • Prioritized memory access explains planning and hippocampal replay (2018)
    Marcelo G Mattar, Nathaniel D Daw
    Nature Neuroscience

  • Adaptation decorrelates shape representations (2018)
    Marcelo G Mattar*, Maria Olkkonen*, Russell A Epstein, Geoffrey K Aguirre
    Nature Communications
    *Equal contribution

  • The network architecture of value learning (2018)
    Marcelo G Mattar, Sharon L Thompson-Schill, Danielle S Bassett
    Network Neuroscience

  • Predicting future learning from baseline network architecture (2018)
    Marcelo G Mattar, Nicholas F Wymbs, Andrew S Bock, Geoffrey K Aguirre, Scott T Grafton, Danielle S Bassett

  • Brain State Flexibility Accompanies Motor-Skill Acquisition (2018)
    Pranav G Reddy, Marcelo G Mattar, Andrew C Murphy, Nicholas F Wymbs, Scott T Grafton, Theodore D Satterthwaite, Danielle S Bassett

  • The Energy Landscape Underpinning Module Dynamics in the Human Brain Connectome (2017)
    Arian Ashourvan, Shi Gu, Marcelo G Mattar, Jean M Vettel, Danielle S Bassett

  • A network neuroscience of human learning: Potential to inform quantitative theories of brain and behavior (2017)
    Danielle S Bassett, Marcelo G Mattar
    Trends in Cognitive Sciences

  • Optimal trajectories of brain state transitions (2017)
    Shi Gu, Richard F Betzel, Marcelo G Mattar, Matthew Cieslak, Philip R Delio, Scott T Grafton, Fabio Pasqualetti, Danielle S Bassett

  • Beyond modularity: Fine-scale mechanisms and rules for brain network reconfiguration (2017)
    Ankit N Khambhati, Marcelo G Mattar, Nicholas F Wymbs, Scott T Grafton, Danielle S Bassett

  • The flexible brain (2016)
    Marcelo G Mattar*, Richard F Betzel*, Danielle S Bassett
    *Equal contribution

  • Varying timescales of stimulus integration unite neural adaptation and prototype formation (2016)
    Marcelo G Mattar*, David A Kahn*, Sharon L Thompson-Schill, Geoffrey K Aguirre
    Current Biology
    *Equal contribution

  • Structural pathways supporting swift acquisition of new visuomotor skills (2016)
    Ari E Kahn, Marcelo G Mattar, Jean M Vettel, Nicholas F Wymbs, Scott T Grafton, Danielle S Bassett
    Cerebral Cortex

  • Functional network dynamics of the language system (2016)
    Lucy R Chai, Marcelo G Mattar, Idan Asher Blank, Evelina Fedorenko, Danielle S Bassett
    Cerebral Cortex

  • A functional cartography of cognitive systems (2015)
    Marcelo G Mattar, Michael W Cole, Sharon L Thompson-Schill, Danielle S Bassett
    PLoS computational biology

  • Simultaneous perceptual and response biases on sequential face attractiveness judgments (2015)
    Teresa K Pegors*, Marcelo G Mattar*, Peter B Bryan, Russell A Epstein
    Journal of Experimental Psychology: General
    *Equal contribution

  • RSVP in orbit: Identification of single and dual targets in motion (2012)
    Brad Wyble, Mary C Potter, Marcelo G Mattar
    Attention, Perception, &amp Psychophysics

  • de Bruijn cycles for neural decoding (2012)
    Geoffrey K Aguirre, Marcelo G Mattar, Lucía Magis-Weinberg